Welcome to Open Source At Princeton

Open Source at Princeton’s mission is to encourage people of all skill levels to contribute to open source in a sustainable way. (Open source refers to large software projects with freely accessible codebases and communities of people that work on the project. Many things we use run on open source, including Firefox, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Eclipse, Chrome, Python, and OpenSSL.)

We’ve partnered with ThoughtWorks to start a mentoring program for students to contribute to OpenMRS, an open-source electronic medical records platform. We also run workshops with OpenHatch to introduce beginners to open source.

Want to get involved?

To join the Open Source at Princeton mailing list, send an email to opensourceprinceton@gmail.com. You’ll hear about long-term project meetings, open source intro workshops, and corporate events.

Facebook Open Academy at Princeton

If you’re interested in working on open source projects like Wikimedia for Princeton course credit, you might like to apply for the Facebook Open Academy program. It’s run by the CS department as a substitute for independent work, and you can email Sandra Batista (sbatista@cs.princeton.edu) for more details.


Visit our Calendar to see upcoming meetings and events, and hit up the Wiki for resources and information.